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    It’s time to transform your old, damaged and rundown roof with a new roof from Powerdrive roof replacements. A new roof will not only improve the kerb appeal of your home but also drive up the property value, not to mention make the neighbours a little bit jealous. With over twenty years in the roofing trade, our specialists’ teams have replaced every imaginable roof material, we will cover a few below.

    While some continue to apply band-aid patch, roof repairs to a roof that has passed its expiry date, in the long run, a roof replacement will often be more cost effective than the constant repairs, not to mention the aesthetic appeal. Roof replacements are generally considered a great investment for your home, if your roof is passed repairing, or whether you’re just looking to upgrade to a more modern or contemporary colour and material to change the façade of your property and give it a new lease on life,

    Our trade qualified roofing gurus at Powerdrive roof replacements will help you assess your property and its requirements, be it a new roof, repairs or just simple roof maintenance. We are always attempting to maintain the highest quality of workmanship and where possible, exceed the Australian standards AS2049 and AS2050, Powerdrive roof replacements has a proven history of customer satisfaction. With a team of professionals who have banded together as one strong unit, we will provide you with only the best, honest recommendations that will allow you to rest easy in the knowledge you are protecting your property and its first line of defence against the elements. We need to be aware, the home or any buildings entire structure can be compromised if your roof cover does not do its job correctly.

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    • We have over 20 years of experience in Perth roofing industry
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    Roof Replacements Perth


    If your current roof is severely damaged, it might not be beneficial to repair and restore it. A complete roof replacement maybe your best option. While this is a on the surface this is may seem to be an expensive project, consider it as a solid investment in the future of your biggest asset. This process requires removing the expired roof entirely and replacing it with a new roof cover of your choice.

    Roof replacement is surgery of sorts and must be done with precision, so as not to disturb the existing render, ceilings, or external facades of the property. To remove any doubt as to whether your property requires a full roof replacement, contact our team at Powerdrive roof replacements today.

    Alternatively, your roof may only marginally deteriorate to a point where it could be addressed by a Roof Restoration by Powerdrive Roof Restoration. However, if the problems include longer weather-proof issues or rusty sheets, maybe it is structurally unstable or unsafe. Whatever the problem is, our team of experts will provide the perfect Roof Replacement Perth solution for you.

    The Top Benefits Of Our Powerdrive Roof Replacements Perth Service?


    There are several reasons anyone should consider using a Roof replacement Perth service for their families biggest asset. It could be as simple as an out of style older type roof tile is your current roof cover and you want to follow the move to something more modern gain a more current style or change the aesthetics with a colour that is more modern. It could be that you are renovating and adding on an extension and want to upgrade the roof as part of your renovations.

    Roof replacement work being carried out on your home when done right, by professional roofers such as Powerdrive can add significant value to your home.. for starters, the buildings façade is greatly enhanced with a new roof which is generally the main focus of a home upon approach. With Powerdrive Roof Replacements Perth, constant roof leaks will be a thing of the past and you can significantly reduce the constant maintenance costs not only on your roof, but internal elements also. In some cases, it is believed it can reduce your home-insurance costs.

    As well as fixing structural issues with your roof, Powerdrive Roof Replacements gives you an opportunity to dramatically alter the overall look of your family home or business. There is no better time than now to choose a new roof cover for your pride and joy and modernise the look of your structure. We will also fix any drainage/roof plumbing issues with your existing roofing system by altering the structure and flow of your new roof. Allowing rain to drain correctly through your roof plumbing system of roof valleys and guttering and down through to the soak wells, , resulting in no ongoing future damage to your roof, eaves and ceilings.

    Roof Tile Replacement Perth


    Are you thinking about replacing your tiled roof? At Powerdrive Roof Replacements we have a team of dedicated specialist to provide roof tile replacement Perth services which means you are in the best hands and will receive a quality of care that is second to and customer service that is at the top of the class. Our professional roof replacement crew is focused on ensuring everything details of your new roof from colour choice and roof cover materials and of course our quality workmanship is not only to your satisfaction but also that you are fully informed when making these decisions. Each choice and option will be specific to the customers requirements and will factor in such things as distance from the coast, or fire safety for bush areas, these factors and many more play key roles in deciding your roofing system.

    Concrete and Terracotta/clay tiled roofs are extremely popular throughout Perth. However, they clay especially can become brittle as it ages and also there is the possibility of the efflorescence and chemical delignification. When this occurs, tiled roofs will of course begin to leak. This is to be expected obviously, no product that has to contend with the harsh Australian conditions is going to last forever. In cases of deterioration and chemical delignification, there is not always an easy fix. often, if it is too late for a treatment the only solution is to replace the entire tiled roof altogether.

    A tile roof replacement in Perth offered by Powerdrive Roof Replacements ensures the longevity of your roof’s ‘core’ the roof frame, the roof tile roof cover is the roof frame structures first defence against the elements. Powerdrive offers a diverse range of options and styles when it comes to roof cover, along with our over 20 years roofing experience simply makes Powerdrive Roof Replacements the only option for your roof tile replacement in Perth.

    Powerdrive Roof Replacements, enjoy the title of Perth’s leading experts when it comes to roof tile replacements in Perth. When you opt for a tile roof replacement from Powerdrive Roof Replacements, you sign up for the best service in the industry, using only quality materials and giving only advice that is in the best interest of our customers. We attempt to support and source all our roofing materials from Australian owned companies but in the interest of serving our customers best needs, we will import if required. That is why Powerdrive Roof replacements can proudly say that we stand by our products that have been tested for the harsh Australian conditions.

    Colorbond Roof Replacement Perth


    Have you noticed signs that your colorbond roof has reached its expiry date? Generally when there are visible signs that a colorbond roof has deteriorated and you can notice these from the ground, its safe to say the damage is likely a lot worse when you are at roof height and this would mean its time for a colorbond roof replacement.

    If you notice small rust streaks on the overlaps of your colorbond roof sheeting, this is a god indicator, maybe around screw or in the older roofs nail holes you will see signs of deterioration. It would be advised not to walk on your roof at this time and to call in the roofing specialists at Powerdrive Roof Replacements as there could be sections that are at risk of collapse when a colorbond roof reaches this stage. We generally note that in this case most sheets across the roof will be in a similar state, unless of course there was another cause for the breakdown of the materials.

    There may only be one solution, a total colorbond roof replacement by Powerdrive. Although on the surface this may look like just pulling off some old sheets an throwing on some new colorbond roof sheets, there is actually a lot more involved and should be only undertaken by qualified colorbond roof replacement experts. This will ensure a quality result that is completely weatherproof and carries a full product and workmanship warranty.

    At Powerdrive Roof Replacements Perth our service and quality speaks for itself, with thousands of happy Powerdrive customers over the many years in service. for all your Colorbond roof replacement Perth needs. If you’re considering getting your Colorbond roof replaced, you can’t go past Powerdrive Roof Replacements Perth All of our tradesmen are highly experienced, and our prices are very competitive. All work is carried out by fully insured experts.

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